The Triplets

Tracey McEachran


Artist | Educator

The Triplets


Much of my work revolves around the themes of identity and persona. The project Triplets is a series of images that investigates both subjects. To be one of three contradicts the old saying that describes our lonely human existence ‘we come into and out of the world alone’. What is the unit of currency here, are they one or three?


I photographed Rosa, David and Kate whilst they were still living at home; at this stage of their lives every major event has been a shared experience. All attend the same school and when they meet new school friends they tell me there is always the initial identification “oh, you’re one of the triplets”.


What is it like to be a triplet? Does life become a deeply shared experience or is each just as isolated as those of us that come into the world alone? Of course the photographs cannot answer these questions, but they do allow us to hunt down small clues that could conceivably get us closer to understanding what it is to be one of three.