Klinkhamer is a visual exploration into the craft of harpsichord building in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. Whilst there is evidence of the existence of the harpsichord in the 1400s, it is firmly associated with the Baroque due to its popularity in this period.

"I think it was the fact that Klinkhamer was fairly ambiguousus upon first interaction, yet it had an opulence and beauty that was really quite captivating and encouraged further inspection.

The beauty seemed pure, in that both the subject and the photograph had very pleasing aesthetie values and this was reflected in the craftsmanship of the subject matter. I like that beauty is captivating, yet is so politically loaded and often challenging.

These pieces of wood are steeped with non-linear narrative, their history oozes and makes one think about their origin, their milieu and their owner".

Alana Lake (Artist, Curator and founder of Our Dark Chamber.)