Pacify My Impotency With Your Love

Pacify My Impotency With Your Sacrifice My Love

Pacify my impotency with your sacrifice my love  

I was small, I look up and even though you are small I look up

For the one I can’t see looks down, I feel the gentle gaze and the warm hand of love

Holding me up

Not you, not you

I must have reached up to hold his hand, but I cannot remember it

I bowed, she covered her head, calmed and made whole

Small snippets of truths and dreams woven together to form one

There are no mysteries; we find our own pathways to the present

Hold on to the light; cast away the darkness of uncertainly

Chasing the illusion of control, grasping the edges as he slid down the muddy hole

Down into darkness, any trace of warmth as distant as the echo emitting 

No no, I don’t know him

Just a shell, a corpse of a man

But still he lingers, calls out, from the pit of my stomach he clings on to me

I cast my small vessel into the light

I am made whole, held up by that warm hand of love that remains