Sound Installation - ChatterBox

Chatter Box (click here to hear a short excerpt)

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At Hack The Barbican

Tracey McEachran

Monday 12th - 19th August, 2013 9:00am to 11:00pm (GMT)

A sound installation in lifts which plays recordings of a conversation of people from the same profession (prior recordings with consent).

[Chatter Box is a site-specific sound installation. We propose to record work specific conversations with 4 people. Our aim is to recruit individuals whom share the same profession and record their work-based conversation. The idea for Chatter Box was formed as I sat next to a table of lorry drivers, listening into their conversation challenged my perception of their profession. The conversation would have only taken place between a group of lorry drivers. If a layperson were sat at the table the group would have tailored the conversation to take account of that persons lack of knowledge. Entering a full lift puts us into close contact with strangers; we enter a suspended mental-state in order to push away the feeling of awkwardness. In the physical close proximity of strangers, we adopt a down cast gaze to avoid eye contact and which ensures no requirement for conversation. Through the sound installation our desire is to engage with the lift-rider forcing them out of this suspended state. Through centering the recorded conversation on a profession the lift-rider will maintain the position of outsider.]