Current workshops and events

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Mary Rose Academy

A community special academy and specialist Sports College.

Iintroducing pupils to self-portraits and ideas of identity. Each week the pupils looked at different aspects of their identity.

HMS Warrior

Working with 16 young people ages 13 to 21 to create their personal response to HMS Warrior. Over a period of ten weeks and 3 visits to HMS Warrior the participants engaged with the ship on all levels. Over the course of 10 weeks the group created photographic images, films, a soundscape and a self publish Newspaper.

Brune Park Community School

Working with 24 year 10 on the Creative and Media studies Diploma course over 2 terms. Pupils learnt how to turn ideas into working concepts, the principles of photography and the art of visual sotry telling.

The project culminated with a fantastic exhibition at Aspexs gallery in Portsmouth with over 100 attendees for the PV, it was a great success.

Lord Wilson Academy for Boys

Working with 6 year 11 pupils teaching them the art of photography.